Velvet Silk Square Cushion Big 50x50CM IKAT Cotton Back - Half Circles


Sale price$132.00 CAD

handmade IKAT pillow cases.

80% Silk 20% Cotton

Dimensions 50 CM x 50 CM | 20"x20"

These exquisite covers are made of Silk Velvet IKAT are hand dyed silk loom and hand stitched in Turkey.

These distinctive pillows bring a lovely glow to every room in your house.
Recommended: After washing, colors might slightly fade. Dry clean for best results.
Height(high)~ :20in / 50 cm
Width(wide)~:20in / 50 cm

Made of IKAT silk Velvet & a lush cotton back
Hidden zipper
Pillow Inserts Included 100% Down Feather

Material: 80% Silk + 20% Cotton

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