Silk & Leather Closed Slipper - Van Gohg Almond Blossom Blue


Sale price$220.00 CAD

This slipper, distinguished by its elegance, seamlessly combines sophistication and comfort through superior quality materials. Silk Outer Surface: The silk used on the outer surface enhances the slipper's grace with its lightweight and soft texture, while providing breathability for freshness. Genuine Leather Inner Part: Genuine leather is employed in the inner part for sustained comfort throughout the day. Leather envelops the feet, maintaining natural flexibility, and stands out for its durability during prolonged use. Suede Sole: The use of suede material on the sole ensures soft and silent steps. Simultaneously, it offers a non-slip feature for a secure walk, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor use. This specially designed slipper not only prioritizes elegance but also emphasizes comfort with its high-quality materials. The combination of silk, genuine leather, and suede sole in this slipper not only presents a visual spectacle but also provides an experience that values foot health.

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